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Opening October 12th
6757 Hollywood Blvd

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Museum of Selfies in Hollywood

Museum of Selfies is an immersive exhibition in the heart of Hollywood that explores the selfie – an image of oneself taken by oneself.

Through our interactive installations, visitors can explore the origin of the selfie through the lens of art, history, technology, and culture while taking some cool selfies of their very own.

Museum of Selfies promises to share the unseen depths and history of this cultural phenomenon, with roots going back 40,000 years! Whether you love them or hate them, you won’t see selfies the same way again.

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Admission: $25

Ages 5-12: $20
Ages 0-4: Free

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6757 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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Sunday – Thursday – 10 AM – 10 PM
Friday – Saturday – 10 AM – midnight


Parking recommended on Hollywood & Highland.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's just not a museum OF selfies, it's also a museum ABOUT them.

Over a million selfies are uploaded to social media every day. Whether you think they're the most amazing thing ever or the low point of human culture, selfies have a firmly-cemented place in our modern society, but also have roots going back to the most ancient and primal aspects of our species. That seems worthy of a museum, no?

Not only will you learn about all the amazing aspects of art, history, and culture that lead to selfies becoming a thing, but you can also take really cool photos in our interactive exhibits that explore the various types of selfies and what they mean.

Yes, our restrooms are located in the near of the building.

Absolutely. Everyone deserves the chance to take selfies!

Each ticket will have an arrival window for when you can enter the museum. You can stay as long as you'd like, but once you leave, there's no re-entry.

The final entry is set to thirty minutes before we close our doors.

A normal visit should take about 60-90 minutes.

No! Entry to the museum is timed and limited, so you're free to browse without fear of selfie-seeking hordes.

Anything you'd like to take photos with like your camera or cell phones! And, even though the happiest place on earth may have banned them, selfie sticks are more than welcome at TMoS! Just no food or drinks, please.

Images on this website are not actual exhibits at the museum.

Copyright © 2018 Museum of Selfies