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Los Angeles, California
6757 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, California
6757 Hollywood Blvd

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Museum of Selfies in Hollywood

At the Museum of Selfies in Hollywood, turn your dreams of being an Instagram celebrity or the next Kim Kardashian into reality! Perfect for families and influencers alike, the Museum of Selfies immerses guests in the world of selfies and lets visitors take a deep dive into the fascinating history and unseen depths of this popular cultural phenomenon.

Unique, interactive exhibits make YOU the artist and help you create eye-popping selfies:

Dangle from one of the tallest buildings in Los Angeles – without the danger!
Melt your brain in our optical illusion bathroom where reflections aren’t real!

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Strike a pose and thank all the beautiful people in your life as you accept the award for Best Selfie!
Selfies are coming! Be ruler of the social media world as you pose on our Game of Thrones-inspired Iron Throne made entirely out of selfie sticks!
Destroy a priceless piece of art and pose with the after – without the risk of covering the repair bill!
Channel your inner Scrooge McDuck and take a bath in gold! Or take a dip in the emojis pool!
Literally step into a painting by Vincent van Gogh!
And check out exclusive exhibits from world-renowned artists Darel Carey, Matt Elson, and Colette Miller!

And as you snap photos to your heart’s content, you can also catch awesome selfie-related art and mind-blowing selfie facts. Do you know when the first selfie was taken? Or the first time the word “selfie” was even used? The answers will surprise you! Explore how the selfie trend developed across technology and psychology and all the events, from ancient to modern, that had to converge to make selfies what they are today.

Whether you’re a selfie lover or a selfie hater, after a visit to the Museum of Selfies in Hollywood, you’ll never see selfies the same way again!

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Admission: $25

Ages 0-5: Free
Ages 6-12: $20
Adults: $25

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6757 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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Sunday – Thursday – 10 AM – 10 PM
Friday – Saturday – 10 AM – midnight


Parking recommended on Hollywood & Highland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets are available online ( or at the door.

Adult ticket: $25
Kids (age 6-12): $20
Kids 5 and under are free

Walk-ins are welcome.

All sales are final and there is no refund or exchange of the purchased ticket. Please email to and we will try to accommodate you another day.

You are welcome to transfer tickets to your family, friends or send them as a gift. Just email them a QR code, that they will have to redeem at the door.

You can, but there's no need if you have a phone. Simply show your ticket and its QR code when you arrive.

Yes, we love big groups! For more information, please email for details.

The average visit is about an hour, but you are welcome to stay as long as you want in order to get amazing selfies.

Yes, restrooms are available for our guests.

Animals are great selfie companions, but unless your animal is a registered guide animal, your furry pall has to stay home.

Yes, we're happy to stow your stroller while you selfie away.

Yes, you are welcome to bring yours, but you can also borrow ours from us while you are at the museum!

Images on this website are not actual exhibits at the museum.

Copyright © 2019 Museum of Selfies